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The convents Caltanissetta

Three convents of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin were built in the city of Caltanissetta. The first convent was built in the Xiboli district between 1540 and 1552. After 45 years it was abandoned, to be incorporated in 1868 in the grounds of the Averna distillery factory.

The second convent in Viale Regina Margherita formerly contrada Pigna near the church of San Giuseppe fuori le mura. It was built in 1570 to replace the first convent which was too far from the city and unhealthy. The church of the new convent was dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. In 1759 the Capuchin friars established a hospice for begging monks. In 1821, work began on the land surrounding the convent for a public garden, which was completed in 1828; the garden was dedicated in 1890 to Amedeo di Savoia, from whom the Villa Amedeo takes its name.

In 1866 the convent was transformed into a hospital, and subsequently in 1905 it became the Vitt Civil Hospital. Emanuel. The third convent was built, thanks to the tenacious work of Father Angelico Lipani, after his eviction from the convent in Viale Regina Margherita. This was due to a Royal Decree which expropriated ecclesiastical property. It takes the name of Convent of San Michele, for the pre-existing church of the same name from the 17th century; yesterday in the Sallimi district, today via Sallemi.