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History Mazzarino

Numerous sources make the name Mazarin derive from “Mazzara” by deformation of the ancient toponym “Makterium”. The center was formed in the Middle Ages around a castle of Arab origin, of which today there are only a few remains. In 1143 Aleramico Manfredi was the first lord of Mazarin. In 1304 it passed under the Branciforte dynasty, until the abolition of feudalism in 1812. Finally in 1818 it was part of the province of Caltanissetta.
Mazarin is considered the pearl of Sicilian Baroque in the province of Caltanissetta for the beauty of its churches and more.
Mazarin has been declared an art center and can offer the tourist various ideas for a visit, such as the castle, known as “u Cannuni”, with the only cylindrical tower, almost a “cannon”, which rises towards the sky. Of Roman-Byzantine origins, the castle underwent numerous renovations over the centuries. It was also the set of the famous television series The Octopus.


Also worth seeing is Palazzo Alberti, one of the buildings of greatest architectural value, the Convent of the Carmelite Fathers and the Church of Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo which stand on the central square of the city.

Another site of striking beauty is the Church of San Ignazio with the annexed Jesuit College. The recently restored church has a beautiful organ without pipes placed in the choir completed in 1734. The College recently undergoing restoration work will become the seat of the museum dedicated to “Carlo Maria Carafa”. Furthermore, you can also admire the church of Santa Maria della Neve, the church of the Capuchin Fathers, the church of the Madonna del Mazzaro, patron saint of the city which is celebrated in the month of September.