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Monte Capodarso and the Southern Imera River Valley

Gathering in the square in front of the Ponte Capodarso, a splendid example of a stone bridge with three spans, built during the reign of Charles V.
To reach the former mine, take a path which, after crossing the Capodarso bridge, continues through an arch carved into the rock by the miners, then flanking two enormous limestone ridges, which form the suggestive Capodarso gorge, reaching the Giumentaro sulfur mine. The former sulfur mine is currently visible only from the outside, for safety reasons.

The old INAIL emergency room, the underground access castle, the former offices, the workshops and other equipment are still recognizable.
The managing body of the Reserve, in concert with the local administrations of Enna, is preparing a plan for the recovery of the mine, for museum purposes.
Interesting is the observation of the fossils present in the calcarenite rocks that fell downstream, following the detachments of the Monte Capodarso ridge, which occurred over time.
It is possible to go birdwatching, visually protected by the riparian vegetation. With a little patience and luck, you can photograph beautiful specimens of birds present in the place.

The route measures 2.6 mk from Ponte Capodarso to the former sulfur mine.