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Broken Lake itinerary

The Sfondato Lake Integrated Nature Reserve, located in the Caltanissetta area a few kilometers from Marianopoli, was established by the Sicilian Region in 1997. The area of ​​the reserve includes no less than 13 hectares of land and includes Lake Sfondato, located east of Monte Mimiani at an altitude of about 368 m above sea level. Lake Sfondato is of karst formation and is just over ten meters deep and has a total of 3.4 sq km.

The formation of the Sfondato lake is quite recent. In fact, it dates back to 1907, the year in which the breakthrough of the area took place following the erosive action of the underlying rocks. The Sfondato lake has no visible tributaries and therefore it is believed to be fed by springs or underground aquifers.

The route measures 3.4 mk from the 17,750 km of Provincial Road 42 to the Sfondato Lake and back.