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City itinerary of Serradifalco

The itinerary starts from the Church of San Francesco (A), in via San Francesco. Proceeding north-east on Via Sferrazza towards Via Mirisola for 34 meters you arrive at the Parish of S. Leonardo Abate (B).
Continuing in the same direction for another 26 meters and turning left onto Cortile Annone, after about 60 meters you arrive at the Church of the Collegio di Maria (C).

Proceed to the end of Cortile Annone and turn right onto via Dante Alighieri, walk 47 meters and turn left onto via Butera; continue for about 100 meters crossing Piazza Umberto I and at the end of the road we will find the Madonna del Carmelo Church (D) on the right.

Going back 45 meters, we will find Via Farini on the right, which after 180 meters leads to the Church of S. Giuseppe (E) on Largo S. Giuseppe.

In the same direction, take via Cimino and via Lauricella consecutively for 115 metres, until the crossroads with via Nardillo, turning left onto via Nardillo and continuing along Salita Concezione for around 100 metres, you will arrive at the Parish Church of the Immacolata Concezione (F ).