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City itinerary of Caltanissetta

The starting point of the itinerary is the Castello di Pietrarossa, located in Via Angeli, 166. Proceed north for 130 meters to arrive at the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Continuing on via Angeli for 600 meters and continuing on via San Domenica you arrive at the Church of San Domenico, behind which is the Church of San Giovanni.

From the church continue to the end of via Pietraperzia and then along via Amedeo for 380 metres, turn right onto Cairoli to arrive at the Palazzo della Provincia. From here, walking along viale Regina Margherita and Corso Umberto I for 500 meters, you arrive at the Cathedral of Santa Maria La Nova, the Fontana Del Tritone and the Church of San Sebastiano.

Continue left for 100 meters on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II to arrive at Palazzo Testasecca and Palazzo Benintende. Walk 28 meters on via Berengario Gaetani, turn right onto via Gaetano Scovazzo and continue for 200 meters on via Matteotti, turn left onto Largo Barile to arrive at Palazzo Moncada, behind which are Palazzo Del Carmine and the Church of Sant ‘Agata at the College.
Turn left into Via Nicolo Palmeri and follow it for 200 metres, up to Viale Conte Testasecca, continue for 280 meters and turn left onto Via Sallemi; continue for 600 meters and turn left onto via Moncada Luisa, take via Leone XIII for around one kilometer and at the roundabout continue onto via Due Fontane and state road 122 for 800 metres.

At the roundabout continue on viale Regione for 800 meters and turn left onto via Trieste. After 150 meters you will arrive at the Palmintelli Park. Continuing for one kilometer on via de Cosmi Giovanni Battista, via Amari and via Paladini, turn left onto via Monte S. Giuliano and after 500 meters you will arrive at the Monumento del Redentore.
Returning to the previous roundabout, continue on via Parroco Scuderi and via S. Spirito for one and a half kilometers, arriving at the Parrocchia S. Spirito.