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Nisseno to discover The project

The interventions of the project “Nisseno to discover” are aimed at enhancing and making accessible to a target of users not only from Sicily, local traditions and typical products, in the framework of a better economic exploitation of the territory.

Specifically, a tourist information and reception center and a recreational and cultural center will be created, as tools necessary for the development of knowledge and the use of environmental and natural resources, through the enhancement and full use of the itineraries and paths present in the project territory.

The Municipal Administration of Serradifalco has decided to make available two portions of the property in the building at Via Duca n° 20, known as Palazzo Mifsud, to be used for such activities and which will be affected by the modernization and redevelopment interventions, in order to be reconverted to the service of tourists and citizens.

The project therefore takes the form of the following activities:

  • creation of a section of the center for information and tourist and tourist-sport reception;
  • creation of a section of the recreational and cultural center connected to the regional system of protected areas and to rural districts characterized by quality productions;
  • purchase and installation of systems, furnishings, signs and equipment strictly necessary and functional for the interventions to be carried out.
  • The creation and/or arrangement of recreational tourist itineraries:
    • creation and improvement of tourist and recreational itineraries, preparation of active tourism infrastructures, such as for example the possibility of a real information and training point for the discovery of itineraries relating to environmental and ecological tourism, driven by interest in the assets environmental (natural areas, rivers, lakes, flora, fauna) that characterize many areas of the Caltanissetta area. In this regard, at the center, there will be the possibility of organizing tours to discover the area through hiking, cycling, trekking and the supply of equipment for public use;
    • interventions for the enhancement of local tourist information through the implementation of a dedicated web portal and specific IT applications, such as the reception hologram and an App;
    • creation of traditional information tools for hiking maps, including digital ones, with multilingual brochures and above all videos of usable itineraries and any other solution to complete online information.