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History Serradifalco

According to a local legend, the name of the city of Serradifalco derives from the fact that many falcons once nested in the surrounding rocky heights. The name originates from one of these cliffs, not far from the current town, which has always been called Serra del Falcone. Over time the feud assumed the name Serra del Falco, and then became Serradifalco.

The lands of the Serra del Falcone were owned by Berengario Angileri who received them as a gift from Peter I of Aragon.
The Fief of Serradifalco has been registered since the fourteenth century in the County of Caltanissetta. In 1493 the first count, Giovanni Tommaso Moncada, sold it to Niccol├▓ Barresi di Pietraperzia.


Serradifalco later belonged to Antonio Rizzono, Raimondo Moncada, Giovanni Luigi Settimo, Antonio La Rocca and Francesco Graffeo, who was appointed Baron of Serradifalco following the popular license (jus populandi) granted to him by the Office of the Prothonotary of the Kingdom on December 6, 1640. The governor of the Kingdom in that year was Mons. Pietro Corsetto, Bishop of Cefal├╣.
Due to the young age of Baron Francesco Graffeo, his interests were represented by his grandmother, Donna Maria Ventimiglia and Sarzana, to whom the popular license granted the right to bring together a new population and build new homes, as well as the exclusive use of all the natural resources of the feud.

After 35 years of lordship of the Graffeo, on 15 May 1652 the Fiefdom and the title of Baron of Serradifalco were sold to Leonardo Lo Faso from Palermo who became the first baron of the Lo Faso house. We owe him the real economic and demographic development of the municipality of Serradifalco.
The Lo Faso family was not of Sicilian origin, but Lombard. The first Lo Faso to arrive in Sicily was Antonio, who in 1243 was appointed Governor of Caltanissetta by Frederick II.